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The Perfect Catch

Believe it or not the fishing in the Abacos is still on fire.  Eric Petosa made his way to this beautiful piece of paradise to see what he could reel into the boat.  Eric’s daughters, Lauren and Erica, joined their dad on this adventure as well as his buddy, Corey and his daughter,Angelic.  I had such an awesome time hanging out with all of them.  We did a little fishing and a little catching. Most of all, it was great to spend time with everyone, catch up, and make new memories.  Can’t wait for our next adventure!
During the same week the Petosa crew was in town, I was fortunate to spend a little time with my friends, Julie and Ron Reitz. Congratulations to the newlyweds! May you take a piece of this paradise with you as you begin the next chapter of your lives as Mr. & Mrs.!  

Christmas in Paradise

Fortunately for me some of my favorite people ventured over to my neck of the woods for a winter in paradise.  The day after Christmas these families from different parts of Georgia all boarded planes to make their way to Marsh Harbour.  The whole Ragen Family hopped on a plane in Savannah headed right for Marsh Harbour while their final destination of Hopetown anxiously awaited their arrival.  And only a few miles away in Valdosta the Langdales were getting on their plane to meet their friends, The Brooks, in Marsh Harbour so they could share a little slice of heaven with them.  You see the Brooks weren’t sure what to expect on their first visit to Marsh Harbour, but I can tell you for sure they left that island a week later with a relaxed mind and a happy heart.  I was happy that the Langdales and Ragens landed at the airport at the same time and were able to meet each other on the first leg of their adventure.  My schedule was going to busy the next two weeks, but the fun I was about to have was worth any sleepless nights that were coming my way.
Since the Brooks were visiting for the first time, we tried to do everything they wanted to do while in paradise.  We took a couple trips to Hopetown to enjoy a dinner at Firefly and a delicious lunch at The Edge.  We enjoyed a trip to Baker’s Bay where we were able to catch the underwater beauty as we snorkeled along the reef behindBaker’s Bay.  Of course we had to visit Nippers to enjoy the amazing view and the kids spent time helping me work on a special project on the beach.  Everyone had a blast visiting all the hot spots in the Abacos.
Everyone spent time enjoying all the beauty surrounding us by paddle boarding and kayaking around the eastern shore.  And you better believe we went Snapper and Shark fishing the last night the Brooks Family was in town.  We headed out around sunset and fired up the grill so we could get dinner going while we tossed our lines in the water.  It was a perfect way to end their winter in paradise.
The Langdales still had two more days and we made sure to head out on the water to get some fish and lobsters in the boat.  William and I jumped in the water to see what we could find.  While we were under the water snagging a lobster, Lanier was in one heck of a fight on the boat with a Jack on 12lb test.  The good news is Lanier won that one.  Everyone had a great time and I know they were sad to leave Marsh Harbour when they did.  Who wouldn’t want to stay just a little bit longer?
Even though the Langdales were headed back to the states, I was happy that the Ragen Family was still in town.  The first day I fished with them we headed out early, snagged two Wahoos, and were back to the dock by 10AM cleaning fish.  Not too shabby at all.  It is always great to see the Ragens.  The boys and I headed out to Hole in the Wall early one morning with perfect seas less than 2 feet at 12 seconds apart.  We were able to snag a few Wahoo and a few Tuna.  It’s always fun hanging out on the boat,having a few beers, and catching up with each other.  Not to mention, we had a blast reeling in those fish!  While at Hole in the Wall,it was interesting to see how the hole in the wall fell in due to HurricaneSandy’s wicked ways back in October.
The Ragens were great hosts and hostesses as they treated me to dinner and drinks while in Hopetown.  We feasted on our fresh Tuna sushi and a delicious Wahoo perfectly cooked at Seaspray. The company and conversation was, of course, the best part of the evening.  It always is.  We spent the last evening of their trip waiting for the giant mystery shark to pay us a visit at the dock while the grandkids stayed back at the house with Honey and Great.  It was a great night of chum making, beer drinking, and conversation.  There is never a dull moment with this crew.  And,I love every minute of it.  The good news is a shark did show up, but the mammoth shark they were waiting for didn’t make an appearance until they all headed back to their house.  Don’t worry, friends, I’ll keep him well fed until next time!
Christmas time is always fun in the Abacos.  It’s a great time for everyone.  Families meeting up to spend quality time with one another, friends meeting up for a reunion to catch up on the past year, or couples celebrating their first Christmas vacation together.  No matter your reason for heading to the Abacos, you’ll always leave a little sad to go with a heart full of memories that will make you start planning next year’s vacation almost immediately.

Deep Dropping

I am so happy that I was able to fish and spend time with the Malone family the other day. Adam and his kids, Maddie and Rosser, joined me for a deep drop adventure like no other. Maddie and Rosser had never been before so we took them just outside so I could teach them about deep dropping. It was a lot of fun. It quickly turned into a competition between the two kids and it turned out to be quite productive! While fishing Adam and I were discussing the probability of hooking a Mahi on a deep drop line. Within minutes of having this conversation, a Mahi showed up and grabbed the deep drop rig while it was on the surface. Talk about awesome! We got a Snapper and Mahi on one rig. We ended the day with about a half dozen Yellow Eyed Snappers, an 18 lb Grouper, Mahi, and a medium and small Mutton Snapper. And, we must have had more than a dozen Yellowtails in the cooler on the way in. What a fun time I had with the Malone family! Can’t wait to see what Maddie and Rosser can teach me about deep dropping on their next trip with Capt. T! 
Also, I want to say Happy Birthday to a few of my favorite fishermen and fisherwomen ...
  • Evelyn Langdale
  • Pope Langdale
  • Adam Malone
  • Maureen Redington
Hope your birthdays were full of adventure!

Bum Floats, Booze, and Big Fish

As many of us are buzzing around town trying to get the best deals this Black Friday and recovering from gorging ourselves with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, I would be remissed if I did not give some recognition to the amazing people I was fortunate to spend some time with and give thanks for the awesome time I had this week.

For the first few days, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Bum Float crew who were staying out at Snapper Point. We had a blast! And, friends, if you haven’t discovered the Bum Float yet, I’m telling you that it is a must!! Check out a link to their website at the end of this blog. Our first day out on the water was gorgeous! I’m not sure we could have asked for a better day. We headed out for some Snapper fishing with the kids. The fishing was on fire and we did a super job bringing in Yellowtails and Mutton Snappers. The kids brought in about two to three Yellowtails each - way to go!

The next day we were going to head back to the same spot where we had success with Snapper fishing yesterday, but the weather conditions wouldn’t permit this; the wind was just too strong. We anchored at another fishing spot where the tide was pulling way too strong, but we gave it a shot anyway. Unfortunately, we didn’t find much success, but since we were so close we decided to troll offshore for a a little bit to see how well we did out there. After about twenty minutes of trolling our patience paid off.  Dan the man snagged a nice 55 lb Wahoo and boy was that fun!

My last day with the Bum Float crew was a day on the water with just the guys. It was a quick trip because the seas were pretty big - six to eight feet and a few ten footers out there. No worries though, we made the best of it. During our three hours of trolling we brought in two Wahoos and Dolphin. It’s always nice to replace the beer in the cooler with some monster fish! We headed in to clean up and grab a quick bite to eat. We decided to finish our day with an evening cap at Nippers. And, the best part was our ride home because we were able to view a beautiful sunset as we headed in for the day. It was an awesome few days with the Bum Float crew and I look forward to our next adventure!

Check out the Bum Float at

From Sandy To Snappers

Like most things that cross my path on a daily basis, the great majority require teamwork. Hurricane Sandy, which I suppose is now Superstorm Sandy, blew through Marsh Harbour leaving a mess behind her. Our island pulled together and cleaned up; it's just what we do. And, one thing I know for sure is that after a rough storm, and a few days of cleanup, the fish start to miss ya.  They get anxious for that piece of bait dangling from the end of your hook. Fishing takes teamwork too. The fish get so excited to nibble on a line that every one you cast out can start reeling at the same time. This happened to us about one week after the storm when we were out on the water hooking up Snappers left and right. There's nothing like working your tail off pulling fish after fish in the boat and the heading back in with a cooler overflowing with Snappers and an ice cold Kalik in your hand! After two half day trips inshore we pulled in over 100 Yellowtails and about 20 Mutton Snappers weighing between 10-20lbs and a few even bigger. The bottom line is this - no man works alone on land or at sea. At the end of the day we all need to be thankful for each day we wake up and for the gifts we receive during the day. My friends, be grateful for those who are there to lend a helping hand during times of struggle; teamwork, that's where it's at my friends!
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